The next meeting of the steering group will happen on the evening of December 10th and the discussion is likely to focus on the visit to the site that morning.

We will also schedule another public meeting, probably for the end of January.

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  1. Mary
    Mary / 9-21-2012 / ·

    Thanks for starting this campaign and holding a public meeting. I will be there and share the information with local friends and family. I must point out that the name of the pub doesn’t include the word ‘old’.

  2. roywenborneroy wenborne
    roywenborneroy wenborne / 9-22-2012 / ·

    It is a bit confusing about the name. I’ve also seen it as Ye Olde Spotted Dog. I remember when I used to phone up to book the restaurant I kept getting confused because I always looked up Spotted Dog, but in the phone book it was listed as Old Spotted Dog!

  3. Maureen Wood
    Maureen Wood / 10-9-2012 / ·

    I was away and missed this meeting but will look out for updates. it has always been just the Spotted Dog since I moved into Boleyn rd in 1972, unaware of any “old” . Ate and drank there often back in the day. Would like it to be a pub again, but realistically would like it preserved and found a use of whatever kind is possible, whilst maintaining its essential character.

  4. Elaine Wrenn
    Elaine Wrenn / 10-21-2012 / ·

    so sorry that i missed this meeting only just found out about this site the spotted dog is a pub close to my heart and ive been thinking of ways to save it for a while now if its possible please keep me updated on any new meetings

  5. mark anderson
    mark anderson / 11-23-2013 / ·

    I have tried to get the dog as it means a lot to me but I think the council want it to fall down I run pubs and I will help u in any way I can just let me know I live in Manchester but I grew up in forest gate a d I will do anything I can to help

  6. Henry Mayhew
    Henry Mayhew / 11-29-2013 / ·

    Wish I could make the meeting this evening, and wish you all the best. I have recently moved to Margery Park Road, which is’nt far, and would love to see a nice meeting place in the area.

    Very much hope to make the December meeting and to saying hello to you all.

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