A few more pictures from the Forest Gate Festival

And some comments from the day…

“Used to drink there years ago….”

“Used to go there with my daughter when she was seven, she 47 now!…”

“Had a marriage proposal there. It’s been closed too long….”
“Can I sign this its disgraceful, the state of that pub…”
“Used to work near there.  Went in for a drink lunchtimes…”
“My next door neighbour had their wedding reception there..”
“Used to have our Mother’s Day celebrations there…”
“Had my 50th wedding anniversary there..”
“I used to run the pub for 3 years in the 80’s. I was put out of business by the high price of beer…”
“last pub I went into with my dad before he died. It means a lot to me…”
“I’ll support that, its a gathering point for the community…”
“I grew up with that…..”