The Public Meeting

The Public Meeting

We’d like to offer a massive thank you to all of you who found time to come to last night’s meeting – and thank you too for your questions and suggestions. We enjoyed all of your input into what proved a lively debate.

Particular thanks, too, to those who helped with the organisation of the meeting, and Lloyd Jeans (local historian) and Harry Wardill (Prince’s Regeneration Trust) who were able to answer some of your questions.

Over the weekend we’ll add a Memories and a Suggestions page to the site. Lloyd Jeans, who spoke so eloquently about the history of what we now know was originally The Dog, has offered to help with a page on the history of the pub and how it fits with the wider history of the area.

The important thing now, of course, is to maintain the momentum of this project. It won’t be easy and we will not arrive at our destination for some years.

Several people have contacted us with kind offers of help – we’ll be getting back to them very shortly – but we need more volunteers to help with the practical aspects of a project as ambitious as this. Please contact us at if you have time or skills to offer. If you haven’t subscribed already, please subscribe to our newsletter by filling in the form in the right margin of this page.