The Geezers ask: “Where’s my boozer?”

Dog Geezers

Save the Old Spotted Dog was recently invited to give a presentation at a Mile End Pavilion event featuring ‘The Geezers’, a community group based in Bow.

They came together around the simple (some, like us, might say obvious) proposition that the traditional East End locals pub was a focal meeting place and social hub for, well, old geezers.

Not content with campaigning activities to highlight the impact that the demise of ‘boozers’ has had on senior members of our community they have expanded to developing practical proposals for micro scale tidal power (no, we’re not joking!)

Isolation is a sadly neglected aspect of the currently fashionable trope about our “ageing society”, and we were pleased to link up with them and are grateful for their warm reception of our proposals for the Old Spotted Dog.

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