Come on people – let’s fix this!

Welcome to our site.

If you live locally – somewhere close to Upton Lane, Forest Gate – the Old Spotted Dog will be familiar to you. Sadly for well over 10 years, since it closed, it has gradually deteriorated. Nothing ever seems improve – the place continues to crumble.

Well enough is enough.

A small group of locals have decided to do our utmost to save this building and, somehow, to bring it back into use. In order to do this we will use all of the ‘social media’ possible and good old fashioned public meetings.

We are in the early stages of this campaign, but we have a FaceBook  group (Save the Spotted Dog) and this site, and we had a very successful and extremely well attended public meeting on September 25th where we kicked the campaign off properly in the presence of Lyn Brown MP, who showed a great deal of interest in the plight of this sadly dilapidated building.

There are many rumours about ownership and plans for the Old Spotted Dog – we will attempt on this site only to present the facts.

We need as much support as we can muster – campaigns have, we know, been launched before. Let’s make this the one that makes the difference. Please join our group, come to our meetings, comment freely and generously in all forums and tell all of your friends that we have accepted for too long that the Old Spotted Dog now looks like this….

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