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“We walked past The Spotted Dog twice a day on the way to school in early 60’s. We were well aware of the history and quite proud to have this in our neighbour-hood. Ate, drank and enjoyed the lovely gardens there.
Most locals appreciated our past as at that time we had Edward Passmore Museum available to pop in and enquire about anything. Something else that was stolen from us and reduced our connections. Amazing to me that no local museum exists now.” LC

I support your efforts for Spotted Dog and wish you success. I do not live in the East End now but it shaped my life.”
“I attended (what was then) Stratford Grammar School just over the road to The Spotted Dog in Upton Lane in the late 60s/early 70s. In those days the Dog was an unofficial school annex which hosted many an underage lunchtime session.

I recollect my friend Alan having his 18th birthday party there, and having to explain the nature of the event to the bar staff that despite having been a regular for the last 2 years.” Steve

“We used to drink there in the late 70s/early 80s when we lived in Plashet Road. Couldn’t believe it recently when I searched for it on Google Streetview and saw it all shuttered up. What a tragic loss of a special place.” Nick

 I was born and brought up in Forest Gate, and remember the Spotted Dog with some affection. I used to watch Clapton Football club next door on the weekends when West Ham were not at home. It was the first pub I ever had a drink in, and when it went up market, the first pub I ever ate in. I know the world moves on, and new housing is needed, but this is a truly historic building and will never come again. When it’s gone it’s gone! And that would be a sad day indeed!” Derek

“I used to meet regularly with a group of approx 15 friends every Wednesday evening 1974-1976.  My friend gin + orange and myself, port + lemon.  When I met my husband we got engaged and celebrated with both sets of parents with a meal at the Spotted Dog in 1977.  Loved the alcoves, charm and memories.”  Carol

“Lunch at the Spotted Dog was always a treat to look forward to, when I first came to Newham in 1972.  I hope that it can retain the family feel it had then” Dianne

“The Spotted Dog was my local pub when I lived in Disraeli Road.  I remember drinking cider there during the beer strike – well, actually, I don’t remember it as I misjudged the strength of the cider……” Gill

“I recall being a young nurse new to the area going on leaving dos and Christmas dos at the pub.  Was a good venue for a boisterous meal!   In the late 90s / early 2000 I was a regular at the Irish sessions held on Thursdays.  It was great to hear live music locally.” Janet

“I miss the Friday Dog Night.  You would have a wonderful evening of music, singing, a great community event.” Mary

I sometimes went along to the informal Irish / folk music evenings and attempted to play “alongside others who were far better musicians than me.  They were great evenings, and there was a real buzz about the place.” Mike

“I can remember going to the Spotted Dog around 1970 when I was around 14 years old.  My mum and dad took me there on their wedding anniversary.  We went to the steakhouse part as a special treat.  It was the first time I can ever remember going to a restaurant and was given clear instructions to “behave” myself.  It was also the first time that I ever had prawn cocktail!” Pete

“Loved the Spotted Dog for over 40 years.  Please save it.” Yvonne

“…at weekends with the family.  I have fond memories of: getting a lucky bag on the way there;   trying to swing high enough on the swing in the garden so that I could see over the fence;       getting an After Eight in the restaurant, and lastly, getting a ‘carry’ on my dad’s shoulders on the way home. at weekends with the family.  I have fond memories of:      getting a lucky bag onthe way there;     trying to swing high enough on the swing in the garden so that I could see over the fence;       getting an After Eight in the restaurant, and lastly, getting a ‘carry’ on my dad’s shoulders on the way home.” Lisa

“My memories of visiting the OSD (or Dotted Spog as sometimes known in our house) all relate to my lifelong support of and involvement in Barking Football Club and our regular visits to play Clapton and now also London Bari.  My late wife and I had dinner in there once and I remember a statue or carving of Henry V111 and we often popped in for a drink. One very icy Boxing Day I gave her the best laugh of her life when I slipped over on the ice just outside the OSD. It is very sad now and I do wish you success . I will donate via the website. Best wishes,Derek Pedder. PS I am Press Officer of Barking FC and I will include a reference to the campaign in our programme next season. Our season has finished already this time.” Derek

” Memories: Fond memories of many happy evenings there enjoying meals with friends in the 80’s. I also remember hearing  rumours that there were tunnels underneath running in one direction to the Black Lion in Plaistow and the other to the docks reputed to have been used by Dick Turpin and smugglers in bygone days. ” Kathy

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  1. Mike faulkner / 10-14-2021 / ·

    Worked at the spotted dog about 1967, when they were renovating it, me and the brick i.e. ted, got 9 bob an hour, nice little job!!

  2. Sonja / 5-23-2022 / ·

    I also have wonderful memories of this pub. In the 70’s I went to Stratford Grammar and we would go there (sneak in) for lunch. They had great sandwiches. Mr. Blow would come into the 6th form area and warn us not to go but of course we ignored him.

    I miss London

  3. Eddie Myers / 9-16-2022 / ·

    As per Steve’s earlier comments regarding the use of the Spotted Dog as an annex to Stratford Grammar School, I to can relive those halcyon days of the under age drinker fresh from the schools 6th form hut after school. Loved the pub although not certain about the Watneys Red Barrel they used to sell. I still live in Aldersbrook a stone’s throw from the Dog and would love to see it’s return. Certainly dislike it’s demise.

  4. Lin / 4-1-2024 / ·

    The Spotted Dog will always have highly romantic associations for me – it’s where I first met my husband, very much by chance. I was visiting London from Bristol for a conference, staying with friends. These friends arranged an evening out at the Spotted Dog during my stay, where we met up with another friend of theirs, who up until then I had only known slightly, with no romantic spark. For some reason, he was smitten with me on this particular occasion, and soon afterwards made a visit to Bristol, hoping to strike up a relationship. We were married 6 years later. I am so glad to read that this beautiful pub will now be saved.

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